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I can understand the point but I have never liked the idea to tag photos with
tag "delete-photo" or similar.

I have found best way to delete bad photos after the rating.
First thing what I do after the import is that I start rating photos. I just
simply start from first one and I use space (and shift+space) and CTRL+1 to 5
keys for rating. Ctrl+0 for removing rating (that I have been thinking to be
moved to Ctrl+§ key (the one on left of 1) so it would be easier).

The optimal state in photo management is that every photo is at least rated,
better if every photo is tagged with even the basic metadata like place or
subject (weddings, party, birthday etc). With the date it is easy to find
photos and when 0.10 brought better GPS support, it is easy to find location as
well (I have mapped Ctrl+G shortcut for it, it is then easy. But not as easy as
it will come when you just drop photos to map position).

After I have gone trough all the photos what I just imported, I have photos
with different ratings. Example of 700 photos import from the day I would get:

1 rating 300
2 rating 140
3 rating 70
4 rating 35
5 rating 7
0 rating all the rest.

After that I can very easily just right click the rating filter in bottom and
select "equals" and when I have no rating set, I only get non-rated photos what
are the bad ones.

This way I only get photos what I can actually use some point. The hard part is
to learn how to actually give low (1-2) ratings and high (4-5) ratings well. On
me, it toke few times to actually learn enough criticism to learn the way. But
I keep very basic things in my mind when rating:

1 = subject is sharp or someway it tells something what sharp photos does not

2 = subject is sharp and and photo is good but it has no special happening
(people are not smiling, they are not discussing or the "spirit" is is lame) or
exposure is littlebit over/under.

3 = subject is sharp, there is somekind action in photos what can be shown to
others, exposure is good.

4 = subject is sharp, there is action what is someway special. The composition
is good and exposure is correct.

5 = subject is sharp, there is action, the composition is perfect and exposure
is perfect.

And after the rating, when the rating filter is set to "equals", you can simply
go trough all the ratings from 1 to 5 and check the bottom left corner how many
photos did you actually rate with the rating. If there is somekind un-balance
like there is 10% rating 1 and 60% rating 5, there is something wrong ;-)

In good management, you get only the 5% of photos with rating 5. They are such
what you can show anytime to anyone. With no problems.

The hard part with rating is as well that we can think rating photos just by
the case by case. Like every importing session. But even better when we can
rate photos keeping mind all the other photos in the collection. So if we
select photos from 5 albums where is together the 1500 photos, we get with
rating 5 only a 30 photos. That works well if the per-import rating is done
with good criticism.

In the end, when you want to show your shots. You can simply set advanced
search to pickup only photos of rating 4-5 and then wanted tags/albums/date and
you would get very good set of photos what gives you a good start even for
editing photos or especially starting a slideshow where the time of the
slideshow is about 4-6 minutes. Point is, when the rating is done well, you get
rid off the worse photos what you can not use at all. But it works as well the
base for all work what later will be done.

The "no-rating" should be tought as the information what says "photo has no
merit to exist even on my backups"

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