[Digikam-devel] [Bug 224038] Thumbnails not shown on launch of digikam

David Eriksson meldavid at acc.umu.se
Mon Feb 8 14:12:14 CET 2010


--- Comment #13 from David Eriksson <meldavid acc umu se>  2010-02-08 14:12:08 ---
There are at least two different problems here.

One is that the slaves dies, or is regarded as dead because they start slowly.
This problem maybe a generic kdelibs KIO problem or related to the
implementation of the digikamslaves.

The other problem is related to digikams handling of errors with KIO jobs. I
have done some more investigations and the job sends the signal result with the
error code that the slave died. However as far as I can see the only thing done
about it on the digikam end is to issue a kWarning with the error. The
albummodeltest stops since it is waiting for a signalAllDAlbumsLoaded which is
never emitted. I don't know if digikam also waits for this signal or if it
waits for the data signal from the job, which is never emitted since the slave
is dead. It would be nice to have some sort of notification that the reason no
pictures are shown is that the slave died and a refresh button or something to
try restart the slave/job. I am willing to help with this but I don't know
where in the code to start looking.

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