[Digikam-devel] [Bug 261698] Zoom to 100% does not map 1 picture pixel to 1 screen pixel

Marvin Raaijmakers marvin.nospam at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 11:42:09 GMT 2010


--- Comment #5 from Marvin Raaijmakers <marvin nospam gmail com>  2010-12-31 12:42:07 ---
Indeed your suggestions did the trick, but I still think there is something
wrong in terms of user interface design.
First of all what does 100% mean when that configuration option is not checked?
You say that 100% means 100% of the screen width, but is that also the case for
portrait photo's. Anyway we need another name for this.
Secondly there is another confusing thing. I was looking for configuration
option you pointed me add, but I could not find it. Why? Because the subtitle
of the "Album View" configuration page is: "Customize the look of the album
lists". So the problem is that I did not expect this option on this page
because in my opinion it has nothing to do with the looks of the album list.
Another thing that I find wrong is that it says "Embedded preview loads
full-sized images.". What is a "preview"? When I double-click on a image in the
album i would say "digikam views the image" instead of "digikam previews the
image" (I would call a thumbnail something that is a preview). So use the word
"view" instead of "preview". That would also be consistent with the "View"
button in the toolbar.

(In reply to comment #2)
> Probably you just selected to not load full-size images in the initial setup -
> a common problem I also had when I did not know DigiKam very well yet.
> Go to Settings / Configure Digikam... / Album View /
> Tick "Embedded preview loads full size images."
> Otherwise 100% means 100% of the screen width.
> Maybe the user interface could give a hint? Like a pop-up over the pull-down
> menu saying "Note: Digikam is currently configured to only load reduced
> images." Or instead of "100%" that entry could be termed "display width"?

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