[Digikam-devel] [Bug 261521] a creation or a deletion, of a tag, takes a very long time

Olivier PIFFAUT opiffautpro at free.fr
Thu Dec 30 08:13:56 GMT 2010


--- Comment #2 from Olivier PIFFAUT <opiffautpro free fr>  2010-12-30 09:13:54 ---
My connection configuration is on localhost with default port (3306) with user
The version of mysql in 5.1. digikam user has all right on digikam and
digikamthumbnail databases.

I found the problem.
When digikam create or delete a tag in "tags" table, digikam can update twice
all line of "tags" table. And for each line, the move_tagstree trigger was
This trigger delete all lines in "tagstree" table (DELETE FROM TAGSTREE;) and
insert new lines (REPLACE ...).
There are 2n (with n is the number lines in tags table, in my case n=745) 
DELETE and 2n REPLACE in a transaction but only the last delete and the last
REPLACE are necessaries.

If i delete this trigger, i have a very good response time.
I want to propose a patch in the next month (if i have time to do this)



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