[Digikam-devel] [Bug 246401] Advanced rename reverses order of some images

JD Rogers rogersjd at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 17:55:27 GMT 2010


--- Comment #2 from JD Rogers <rogersjd gmail com>  2010-12-18 18:55:19 ---
This inverted order is still a problem with digikam 1.6 and when viewing the
files on the camera in the import window, I can select "show last photo first"
or not and images captured within the same second still show in reversed order
relative to all other photos in both cases. 

For example, if images 20 and 21 were captured within the same second but the
rest were seperated by at least one second, "show last photo first" results in:
IMG_7923.JPG  IMG_7922.JPG  IMG_7920.JPG  IMG_7921.JPG
while unchecking the reverse order shows:
IMG_7921.JPG  IMG_7920.JPG  IMG_7922.JPG  IMG_7923.JPG

Importing the photos with advanced rename then applies this incorrect ordering
when assigning numbers to the filenames.

Now, I was curious if the reason for digikam behavior is that the camera is
writing to flash card in reverse order for fast sequences, and digikam is just
using the directory order, however, mounting the card with a card reader and
using "ls -U" shows
IMG_7920.JPG  IMG_7921.JPG  IMG_7922.JPG  IMG_7923.JPG
i.e. correct order. 

I am finally getting around this by using [date:ssyyyyMMddThhmmss]_[file] which
appends the camera numbering and keeps the order correct. However, it would be
really nice to fix this so that fast sequences of photoscan be kept in the
correct order without this workaround.

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