[Digikam-devel] Caption/Tags right side-bar context menu clears selection

Kyle Altendorf kyle.altendorf at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 03:03:13 GMT 2010

I am still building my tag hierarchy so often after selecting a set of
images I will need to create a new tag rather than simply applying an
existing one in the Captions/Tags right side-bar.  What I've found is
that if I move my mouse over either 'Export' or 'Batch Process' (both
of which bring up sub-menus) and then move onto another menu item the
selection is cleared and all context menu items are disabled (greyed
out).  Other context menu items with sub-menus don't seem to have any
trouble.  There was one sequence that resulted in all images in the
main portion of the window being selected but I have been unable to
recreate it.

Anyone else having this trouble?

On a separate but related note, perhaps the context menu should not be
completely disabled when there is no image selected.  Five of the
eleven menu items in the context menu are valid even without any
images selected.  *after a little more playing*  I guess the entire
side bar gets disabled as I can't even switch between the
'Description' and 'Information' tabs.  Seems a bit overkill but not a
big deal especially if I can get the first issue resolved.

Thanks again for all the great work and all the exciting upcoming features.  :]


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