[Digikam-devel] Re: Git migration for 2.0.0 + code components re-structuring...

Michael G. Hansen mike at mghansen.de
Thu Dec 9 22:26:23 GMT 2010

Hi Gilles,

On 12/09/2010 10:34 AM, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> This is my proposal : make a digiKam packaging including current
> digiKam + kipi-plugins + libkface + libkmap. The root dir contents of
> digiKam will become something like that :
> digikam/
>   \--cmake/
>   \--data/
>   \--databaseserver/
>   \--digikam/
>   \--imageplugins/
>   \--kioslave/
>   \--libs/
>   \--project/
>   \--showfoto/
>   \--tests/
>   \--themedesigner/
>   \--utilities/
>   \--kipi-plugins
>   \--libkmap
>   \--libkface

I think this is a very good idea! However, I would propose one change: 
How about we add a directory 'guests' where one can optionally place 
libkexiv2, libkdcraw, etc., if one wants to compile them along with 
digikam, and then digikam can use the versions in 'guests' instead of 
the system-supplied ones. This would make it easier for users to compile 
digikam, because they just checkout digikam, go to guests directory, 
checkout libkexiv2, libkdcraw, and compile digikam along with them.


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