[Digikam-devel] Re: Filters needed during startup?

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 11:45:12 GMT 2010

2010/12/9 Marcel Wiesweg <marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de>:
> Hi,
> during startup, I see some console messages:
> digikam(5888)/digikam (core) Digikam::LensFunCameraSelector::populateLensCombo: variant:
> QVariant(Digikam::LensFunIface::DevicePtr, )
> digikam(5888)/digikam (core) Digikam::LensFunCameraSelector::populateLensCombo: dev:  Asahi Optical
> Co.,Ltd  ::  PENTAX Optio 430
> digikam(5888)/digikam (core) Digikam::LensFunIface::findCamera: Search for camera  "" - ""  ==> false
> digikam(5888)/digikam (core) Digikam::LensFunIface::findLens: Search for lens  ""  ==> false
> digikam(5888)/digikam (core) Digikam::CurvesWidget::updateData: updating data
> digikam(552)/digikam (core) Digikam::BlurFilter::cimgBlurImage: Radius:  0.5
> digikam(552)/digikam (core) Digikam::BlurFilter::cimgBlurImage: BlurFilter::Process Computation...
> digikam(552)/digikam (core) Digikam::BlurFilter::cimgBlurImage: BlurFilter::Finalization...
> Backtraces are below.
> This is related to enforced creation of the BQM window.

yes, and the BQM tools settings widgets.

> But it seems all widget are created, and the filters are really run,
> although there is no image to operate on.

BWSepia use Blur to compute Infrared filter. This run to render
preview with default icons from KDE. Open BQM, assign BW tool and look
settings on the right side. In this case, image data are small 128x128

It's the same for Lensfun. the settings widget take the default camera
settings and initialize combo box. Of course there is no image data to
process in this case.


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