[Digikam-devel] Re: libface / libkface CMake

Gert Kello gert.kello at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 11:03:46 GMT 2010

>> I had another problem also, with opencv: The FindOpenCV.cmake seems to
>> be unable to find OpenCV on windows machine. I deleted it, and made a
>> minor fix to kdereview/libkface/libkface/CMakeLists.txt (attached), so
>> now it compiles fine...
> I see that OpenCV itself installs a cmake file , for me it is found in
> /usr/share/opencv/OpenCVConfig.cmake
> Then we ship a completely different FindOpenCV.cmake with libkface.
> Which one should be used?

Seems like OpenCV 2.1 fails to install the OpenCVConfig.cmake in
windows. It is present in OpenCv build dir, cmake seems to find it
somehow if it is under same root dev folder... (and I did not need to
change it)
OpenCV trunk seems to install it, but to a bit odd place
(E:\Kde4\OpenCVConfig.cmake in my case)

And FindOpenCV.cmake is unable to find OpenCV in my computer.


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