[Digikam-devel] [Bug 246743] digiKam ate my image (file truncated to 0 byte after tagging)

Marc Aurel marc-keyword-kdebug.e348b5 at a42.de
Tue Aug 17 13:29:33 CEST 2010


--- Comment #2 from Marc Aurel <marc-keyword-kdebug e348b5 a42 de>  2010-08-17 13:29:32 ---
Hello Marcel, thanks for your interest in this bug.

According to Help / Components Information, the installed versions are:

LibKExiv2 1.1.0
LibExiv2 0.19

To verify whether the files are being touched, I used md5sum to get a hash of a
CRW file, then added a tag to the image in digiKam (making sure I "applied" the
change - the status line said "Writing metadata to files") and checked the hash

before: 7cbc560040ce396d5e0ce0362c92c382  CRW_0305.CRW
after:  7cbc560040ce396d5e0ce0362c92c382  CRW_0305.CRW

There goes my theory. But why would a RAW image file be truncated to zero bytes
if it's not even touched?

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