[Digikam-devel] Questions about building

Michael G. Hansen mike at mghansen.de
Fri Oct 2 20:57:23 CEST 2009


first off, thanks to you guys for supporting me getting started with
committing to the repository!

I think I need some advice on how to handle all the different versions
that we support ... currently I have set up "debugfull" builds against
the version of KDE in Debian (4.3.1), the same with Marble support
turned off, a build against KDE 4.2.4 with Qt 4.4.3 and another
"release" build against the debian version of KDE. Are these sufficient
for now?

How do you handle things like compiling without Marble support properly?
Do you just set the corresponding CMake variables or do you actually
uninstall the headers?

Compiler warnings: Which additional compiler warnings are you using?


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