[Digikam-devel] [Bug 181708] [WISH] "fast" tags, that are not written to the image (only to database)

Ian Hubbertz kde_bugs at hubbertz.de
Sat Mar 28 01:44:38 GMT 2009


--- Comment #5 from Ian Hubbertz <kde_bugs hubbertz de>  2009-03-28 02:44:35 ---
At the moment I'm tagging and sorting photos of my last holiday and I am
remembered how useful this feature would be.

Tags are very useful to mark photos for a short time for further processing.

A concrete example: I'm geotagging all the photos, but have no track for some
time (inside building, battery empty, gps tracker crashed), so I use the
korrelator again, but with huge values for time gap.

To find the fotos, I first do a GPS search for the holiday area, tag all photos
as "Geotagged", then switch back to my album, activate "Geotagged" tag filter,
select all photos, deactivate the Geotagged filter, invert selection, tag all
selection photos with non_geotagged, use the correlator again and then manually
check all photos with "non_geotagged" tag if the location is correct.

Finally, I remove the geotagged and non_geotagged tags from the images.

Tagging and especially untagging the photos takes a lot of time, (for example
untagging all 383 photos took more than 4 minutes for me), because of the write
access to the jpg files.

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