[Digikam-devel] [Bug 135845] Scrolling thumb view is very slow

Søren Holm sgh at sgh.dk
Fri Mar 20 22:15:49 GMT 2009


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--- Comment #15 from Søren Holm <sgh sgh dk>  2009-03-20 23:15:45 ---
I'm running 180.37 of the nVidia-driver. Everything i smooth _except_ scrolling
in digikam's thumb-view and a few other things. But one thing I have noticed is
that if I enable kwins possibillity of show what is actually been drawn the
whole thumb-view is updated when changing the selected thumbnail. In my world
it should only update the thumbnail that looses selection and the one that gets
selected. Since I don't know how kwin registers what is being redrawn this is
only thoughts, but maybe some of you guys know what happens.

Btw. the excess redraw also happenens in kile, kwrite, kdevelop, kate.

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