[Digikam-devel] [Bug 185805] digikam 0.10.0-rc2 fails to save keyword hierarchy in IPTC and XMP tags

krienke at uni-koblenz.de krienke at uni-koblenz.de
Wed Mar 4 14:45:11 GMT 2009


--- Comment #12 from  <krienke uni-koblenz de>  2009-03-04 15:45:03 ---

preparing the output you requested I saw the problem. I had exiv2 0.17
installed but minimal requirement was 0.18. After installing 0.18 I could
compile libkexiv2 from svn. digikam now says it has libkexiv2 0.6.0. 

When inserting new photos to digikam and adding at least one tag I now can see
the digikam section in xmp metadata sidetab with the "TagList" entry.

However this is only true for photos I *add* to digikam. The photos that
already existed still do not have a "TagList" in XMP Metadata display. I tried
a sync database with photos, but this does not help. 

How can I "update" the metadata of all my photos (about 6000) so they get the
correct "TagList" metadata value from the tags set in digikams database?


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