[Digikam-devel] Path stucture of keywords not in photos metadata, bug or feature?

Rainer Krienke rainerk at krienke.org
Sun Mar 1 09:23:41 GMT 2009

Am Samstag, 28. Februar 2009 schrieb Matthias Welwarsky:

Hello to everybody,

I just tried to reorganize keywords with digikam 0.10rc2 that were created 
with digikam 0.9. The option to store keywords in the files metadata is 
activated in both versions.

What I noticed is that digikam 0.9 will store hierarchical keywords in IPTC 
section with the complete path. So a keyword hierarchy like 
"/location/germany/frankfurt" would be visible as such in IPTC data if the 
keyword "frankfurt" was selected where frankfurt has "germany" and "location" 
as keyword parents. 

In digikam 0.10 I do not find the hierarchy anywhere inside the photos 
metadata (not in IPTC and neither in XMP). What I find in the scenario from 
above would be the single keyword "frankfurt" inside IPTC and XMP? 

Is this a bug or a feature?  What would eg happen if I insert Metadata from a 
file into digikams database where one keyword was orginally part of two 
different hierarchies like  "frankfurt"  belonging to 
"/location/germany/frankfurt"  and  "/cities/frankfurt"? 

What would happen if digikams database would get lost or corrupted? Would 
digikam 0.10 be able to reconstruct the keyword hierarchies from the photos 
metadata? Or would I end up with a flat hierrarchy of keywords then? I think 
in 0.9 the hierarchy would be reconstructed from the files metadata but in 
0.10 I think it wouldn't?

Thanks a lot

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