[Digikam-devel] [Bug 198063] Digikam startup is extremely slow

Andi Clemens andi.clemens at gmx.net
Tue Jun 30 08:52:06 BST 2009


--- Comment #8 from Andi Clemens <andi clemens gmx net>  2009-06-30 09:52:04 ---
Sure, but even with 24000 images and more I have not such speed issues like you
have. Not even with reiserfs.
But note: I only tested different filesystems for a short time, not for over 4
years. My main FS was ext3 and now is ext4.
If your reiserfs partition got so slow, it is due to fragmentation, which
happens a lot on reiser3.

What I want to say is that digiKam doesn't rely on the type of state of a
filesystem, but it relies ON the filesystem.

If your FS is slow and fragmented, any program will become slower, not only
digiKam. What should we do about this?

We use simply the Qt and KDE architecture provided to us, and that's it. We
don't do FS specific things that slow down reiser but not the other ones :)

Reiser was never optimum for something like an image or music collection, at
least for me. It always was the slowest choice. If reiser gets fragmented, it's
even worse.

There is a besetting rumor that Linux FS don't fragment. This is just not true,
but everybody will say it is so.
Ext4 is the first FS that says it can fragment and delivers an online
defragmenter, to avoid this. Now everybody goes like: "Uuuh, ext4 sucks,
because it is fragmenting!"

There is no FS in the world that does NOT fragment, but some do more, some do
less. And windows does a lot and real quick ;-)

This is why ext3, reiser and all the FS that don't provide defragmenting
techniques, become slower over the time. I've seen this for many years, it just
takes longer than with FAT32 or NTFS.

What I wanted to say here is that digiKam can't do anything about this. The new
version is starting up slower, that is true, but for me, all KDE4 apps do so.

As you mentioned above, there seems to be a whole collection scan going on. I
can confirm this, and I guess it is KDirWatch who is doing this. For me (50.000
images), it is not noticeable, but maybe on a heavily fragmented FS, it is.

is it possible that we still scan the collection, even though it is disabled?


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