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Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Tue Jun 23 23:24:57 CEST 2009

SVN commit 986000 by mwiesweg:

Nepomuk coding sprint results:
Initial revision of a Digikam <-> Nepomuk synchronisation bridge.
For now this is implemented as a Nepomuk service running independently
from the main digikam instance.
Syncs rating, comment and tags; tags is one-way currently, syncing tags
from Nepomuk to digikam is awaiting implementation.
Changes in digikam are immediately pushed to Nepomuk by listening to
digikam's DBus signals. After first start, a full sync of all entries
is triggered. The initial sync is recorded in the database.
Changes in Nepomuk are registered by listening to global change signals.
After a timed delay a Sparql query retrieves all relevant changes
that occurred since the last check. The time is recorded in the database.
The database file path is read from the digikam configuration file.
If an instance is running, it is queried directly. If the database file
changes, the service is informed by digikam. (This does not scale well to 
instances running different DBs, but digikam does not support this scenario 
Both syncing directions are independently configurable. Default is false for 
we should consider defaulting to true.

Note: I am running KDE4.3beta2 at the moment. If there is code not compiling 
KDE4.2, we must add a conditional switch to CMake.

CCMAIL: digikam-devel at kde.org, trueg at kde.org

 A             nepomuk (directory)  
 A             nepomuk/digikamnepomukservice.cpp   [License: GPL (v2+)]
 A             nepomuk/digikamnepomukservice.desktop  
 A             nepomuk/digikamnepomukservice.h   [License: GPL (v2+)]

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