[Digikam-devel] [Bug 192424] "Autohide" toolbar in full-screen view

DGardner dkde at gardnersworld.org
Mon Jun 15 17:04:46 BST 2009


--- Comment #1 from DGardner <dkde gardnersworld org>  2009-06-15 18:04:45 ---
I've just used Gwenview 2 under KDE4 and things have changed quite a
bit. The ability to have a summary of the Exif metadata appears to
be gone (along with lots of other features) and in its place is
combined tool-bar and thumbnail-bar that autohides (I preferred the
old one, I think).

Gwenview 1.4 was my preferred tool for sifting out the bad images
before I imported them to digiKam (I never liked ShowFoto--too slow
and buggy) but that has changed now and I'm on the lookout for
something else.

Anyway, take my comments above as referring to Gwenview 1.4, in case
you are wondering what I was referring to above.

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