[Digikam-devel] [Bug 195735] digikam-svn fails to compile on Mac OS X

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--- Comment #23 from  <rishi j sanyal gmail com>  2009-06-12 09:58:26 ---
Gilles, cool. You'll never guess what I use your DNG converter for, but, before
I get to that, I just wanted to point out that for some reason (even the
Kubuntu Linux version) it doesn't copy over the EXIF data when converting
Panasonic LX3 RAW files (.RW2) to DNG, and it messes up the white balance info.
So then I'm stuck using exiftool, individually for each file, copy over the
EXIF information from the .RW2 file to the .DNG file that DNG Converter made
(yes, I can write a script to do this). Even more annoying, though, is that the
white balance is so screwed up that even synchronizing white balance info
between the .RW2 and the .DNG file *doesn't* work... I have to manually, in
Lightroom for example, type in the original Kelvin value recorded in the .RW2

I don't know if this is your code or the Adobe DNG SDK... any ideas?

Now, just a personal anecdote: I find your DNG converter indispensable for the
following reason: Panasonic demanded that RAW converters like ACR perform
automatic lens corrections on all RAW files from the LX3 camera. This is
because the lens has immense barrel distortion at 24mm. Lens distortion
correction can be nice, but it introduces 2 problems: 1.) sometimes it makes
people, especially faces, look fat; and 2.) the corners become extremely soft
due to the immense geometry correction. Additionally, ACR noise removal is so
heavy on LX3 RAW files that there's just too much of an inherent softness to
the image (presumably because LX3 is a noisy camera to begin with).

With your DNG converter, I'm able to take all the RAW files, convert them to
DNG, and for whatever reason, when I import these .dng files into Lightroom, LR
no longer does the default corrections... that is, it doesn't apply lens
correction nor does it apply noise reduction. This results in more normal
looking people (to my eye) and a sharper, albeit noisier, image. But, because
it's DNG, I'm able to work on the linear RAW data... that is, I'm able to use
ACR's color engine (well, I had to perform a hack for that also, as the color
profile that DNG converter packages with the .dng file messed up the name/model
of the camera in whatever .dcp profile is included in the DNG file... this
makes it such that Lightroom no longer loads the default LX3 profile, but some
other profile, presumably whatever rudimentary profile is packaged with the
DNG? I don't know why, but you may want to look into this? I fixed this by
taking Adobe's default profiles for the LX3 and editing them to reflect the
camera/model information that your DNG converter embeds in the DNG conversions
from LX3 RAW files). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, in the end, I can use
Lightroom's color profiles with these DNG files, as well as functions like
Highlight Recovery, which Lightroom does pretty well. It would be futile to try
to do Highlight Recovery on TIFF conversions of LX3 RAW files exported by
digiKam (or whatever software), since the highlights would already be
compressed due to gamma compression. Obviously I wouldn't be able to apply
Adobe's quite pleasing color profiles also if I exported to TIFF.

So, here's one big cheer for your DNG converter... hopefully the problems will
eventually be fixed :) 

Finally, Gilles, the errors output when trying to compile DNG converter, as I
outlined in 'Comment #18' above -- do they make any sense to you?


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