[Digikam-devel] [Bug 191494] Wish: search offline collections (e.g. removable medias)

Paul Waldo paul at waldoware.com
Wed Jun 10 13:56:02 BST 2009


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--- Comment #25 from Paul Waldo <paul waldoware com>  2009-06-10 14:55:57 ---
I also would like to see this functionality, but allow me to explain a scenario
and this may help bring the problem into focus.

I have Albums that are stored on a network share to allow for backups and
redundant disks.  I use a laptop to do my image editing.  When the laptop is
connected to the network, I have full access to my images.  If I am away from
network, I can't do any image editing nor can I even browse the albums because
the albums are networked albums.  Because I shoot in raw, when I edit an image
I start with the raw file, convert it, edit it, and save it as a .png in a
different album.

I like the idea above of storing thumbnails that can be viewed offline, but
let's take it one step further.  I would also like to be able to mark images
for offline use then work on them while not connected to the network.  Here is
how I envision this working:

1. While connected to the network, mark an image for offline use.  This would
probably make a copy on the local drive somewhere.
2. Disconnect from the network and go sit under a shady tree with my laptop.
3. Navigate back to the image marked for offline use and start editing it.
4. Save as a .png to my "developed images" album that is also offline
5. Plug back into the network
6. Digikam knows about the new image I added to the Developed album and copies
it to the Network share.

I know that's a pretty tall order.  The resynchronization is not as important
as having specific images available to me, but it sure would be nifty!  Thanks
for your consideration!

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