[Digikam-devel] Location of thumbnail database

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 06:44:20 BST 2009

3+4 too...

But, as thumbnails interface include both storage methods, i would
give another proposal :

1/ Let's showfoto to use ~/.thumbnails. Thumbs management in showfoto
is just limited to thumbbar. it's not a photo-management program.
2/ digiKam use a dedicated thumbs DB where place can be customized by
users. Default place can be in ~./kde/share/apps/digikam (same way
than Amarok).


2009/6/9 Andi Clemens <andi.clemens at gmx.net>:
> Good question...
> I would vote for 3+4. My homefolder is becoming so slow because of all the
> millions of files (ext4 doesn't seem to like lot of files in a folder?), even
> applications that don't use .thumbnails are slower now.
> I'd like to be able to change to location by myself, so point 4 would be fine.
> BUT: how does showFoto know where the thumb db is located?
> Do I have to setup this, twice?
> Or do we just query the digikam settings?
> But if we do, what happens when showFoto was started before the first run of
> digiKam?
> I would NOT place it in .thumbnails, because gwenview for example has an
> option to clean up this folder, also there is an KDE app called "sweeper",
> which also deleted the.thumbnails folder, if you want to get rid of some user
> data.
> For now, my vote would be 3+4.
> Andi
> On Tuesday 09 June 2009 23:14:10 Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> regardless of the stored format, there is one more open question about the
>> planned thumbnail database that I want to put up for discussion: Where to
>> place the database file?
>> To summarize the characteristics:
>> - It is not tied to a specific digikam database
>> - it is not tied to digikam but can also be used by showfoto
>> - it can be shared by all users accessing a set of photos (but need not be
>> shared)
>> Possible storage locations:
>> 1) Inside ~/.thumbnail (FD.o spec directory)
>> 2) Somewhere in .kde/share/apps (like Amarok's storage)
>> 3) Alongside the digikam4.db file initially (but what happens if there are
>> multiple dbs?)
>> 4) Configurable (no choice here on itself - we still need a good default
>> for 97% of users)
>> Your viewpoints?
>> Marcel
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