[Digikam-devel] New icon view

Andi Clemens andi.clemens at gmx.net
Wed Jun 3 22:49:13 BST 2009

On Wednesday 03 June 2009 21:22:33 Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
> 8) Go to an album containing at least one JPEG and at least one PNG file.
>   Click on the thumbnail of the first image (a JPEG) to show the preview.
>   Now change imagetype filter to PNG.
> 	-> a PNG image should be shown as preview
>  Now change imagetype filter to JPEG
> 	-> the first image should be selected again.
>   Change filter to PNG. Change filter to All Files.
> 	-> PNG should remain selected, but all images are found in thumbnail bar.

Seems to work now... I don't know anymore when the problem actually occurred.
But right now I can't reproduce it so I would say it is fixed.

> 14) Go to another album
> 	-> the first image should be selected. The right arrow at the right side
> of the status bar should be enabled.
> 	Click on right arrow
> 	-> the second image should be selected

Like Gilles said: I need to press the right arrow twice.

> 31) Consider these albums:
> 	Test Empty
> 		\- Test 1
> 		\- Test 2
> 	"Test Empty" contains no pictures.
> 	"Test 1" contains one image rated with one stars
> 	"Test 2" contains one image rated with one star.
> 	Recursive listing of albums is enabled.
> 	Select "Test 2". Set rating filter to "Two stars"
> 		-> empty view. LED red
> 	Select "Empty"
> 		-> one image from Test 1 shown. LED green.

I still can confirm this, not for all album, but some. I have not found a 
pattern yet.

> 32) A tag "Test 3" has exactly two images assigned.
> 	Go to tags view and select this tag. Two images are shown, the counter is
> 2. Delete one of them to trash. Shortly afterwards, one image is shown, the
> counter is 1.

Still not working here.

Also I seem to have found another issue, but I don't know when it is 
happening. Sometimes not all items are shown, as if there was some filtering 
turned on.
Then after switching to another album and back all items are visible.


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