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Julien Narboux Julien at narboux.fr
Mon Jun 1 20:12:55 CEST 2009


There is a big regression about deletion in current svn, after deleting 
one picture in Digikam, the icon view is completly broken, double 
clicking on a thumbnail open preview of the next picture, deleting a 
picture actually deletes the next, page up and page down are broken as well.


Andi Clemens a écrit :
> Another regression:
> FilterLED is not working correctly in recursive album mode.
> Lets say I have an album with 5 subalbums.
> There are images with 5-star ratings in 4 of the 5 subalbums. When I set a 
> quickfilter for 5-stars and click on the parent album, the LED is red, 
> although filter results are shown.
> ImageFilterModelFilterer::process() seems to be called in a random way (have 
> not quite figured out what is causing this). If I filter one single album (no 
> subalbums), process() is called twice, sometimes three times, sometimes only 
> once, although there should be just one package?
> Or do I misunderstand this?
> Well anyone process() runs, then hasOneMatch is set to true, then a second 
> process() call comes which sets hasOneMatch to false again (although we are 
> still filtering the same images / album).
> So there is either a race-condition or I don't understand how process() is 
> called :-)
> Will update the spreadsheet.
> Andi
> On Saturday 16 May 2009 18:00:23 Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> as of today the main icon view has been replaced with the new
>> implementation that has been under development for quite some time.
>> I have taken care to go through the old code and port every single feature,
>> but there is a lot of new code, so expect bugs and regressions.
>> If you are running from current svn and find such a bug until beta1, please
>> report it here shortly by mail, no need to flood b.k.o. I have not yet
>> tested the majority of features, but will do in the next days.
>> Issues:
>> - Speed. (Talking about the 25000 pictures in the view situation). The idea
>> is to make things faster. May things have become slower? They may. I have
>> already eliminated performance issues with KCategorizedView. More to come.
>> It seems that the view is the limiting factor and the model is well
>> optimized. - The rate-on-hover feature is waiting to be ported
>> - When new images are added in the background, currently the whole album is
>> reloaded - incremental update is a missing feature.
>> Marcel
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