[Digikam-devel] [Bug 183131] Missed icons for - "Caption/Tags", "Metadata", "Image Editor", "Color Management"

Tomáš Chvátal scarabeus at gentoo.org
Mon Feb 9 22:27:51 CET 2009


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--- Comment #4 from Tomáš Chvátal <scarabeus gentoo org>  2009-02-09 22:27:50 ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> This is definitely a downstream error and nothing we can help.
> You can try to re-run kbuildsycoca4, maybe this helps.
> I'll close this one now.
> Valery,
> please report the bug to your distributor, http://bugs.gentoo.org/ should be
> the right place.
> Andi

Ok guys we use this sed:
    # Fix files collision, use icon from kdebase-data rather that digikam ones
    sed -i \
        -e "s:add_subdirectory:#add_subdirectory:g" \
        data/icons/CMakeLists.txt || die "Failed to remove icon install"
because of you shiping the icons which are already shipped with kde, so you
give us file collisions...
the colliding files are:
 * kde-base/kdebase-data-4.2.0
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/128x128/apps/digikam.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/16x16/actions/transform-crop-and-resize.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/16x16/actions/view-object-histogram-linear.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/16x16/apps/digikam.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/22x22/actions/transform-crop-and-resize.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/22x22/actions/view-object-histogram-linear.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/22x22/apps/digikam.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/32x32/actions/transform-crop-and-resize.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/32x32/actions/view-object-histogram-linear.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/32x32/apps/digikam.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/48x48/actions/transform-crop-and-resize.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/48x48/apps/digikam.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/64x64/apps/digikam.png
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/actions/transform-crop-and-resize.svgz
 *      /usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/apps/digikam.svgz

i know that those files are probably yours so make your mind and tell kde to
stop shipping them or you rely on kde and dont ship your ones.

Or at least tell me if i should really really use yours or the kde-base one

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