[Digikam-devel] [Bug 161369] Quick filter indicator lamp is not working properly in recursive image folder view mode

Andi Clemens andi.clemens at gmx.net
Sun May 25 15:38:08 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From andi.clemens gmx net  2008-05-25 16:38 -------
Some notes concerning the crashing of digikam while rating images using a quickfilter:

When using valgrind, the program is running very slow, so you can actually see exactly what is going on.
When using the context menu, the images are displayed in the quick filter until all rating is done, using the keyboard shortcut, they disappear while assigning the rating.
For example the first row in the iconview contains 4 images. The quickfilter is set and the rating will be removed with the keyboard shortcut. After a while, the first row disappears from the iconview, while the forth image (the last in the row) is still assigned with the new rating.
After that, digiKam crashes.
Using the context menu, everything is displayed until the rating is done completely.

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