[Digikam-devel] [Bug 114465] Wish: simpler entry of tags

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Thu May 22 02:47:23 BST 2008

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screenshot: kmail move mode showing dynamic filtering

Sorry to add again to this long report.  There seems to be some agreement that
Kmail-style keyboard-based tagging would be a good thing for Digikam tagging. 
But after reading this through, I think one thing needs clarifying: in Kmail
there are two ways to move messages into folders:
1. Keyboard shortcuts.	Works by assigning a specific keyboard shortcut to an
individual folder (Gilles has posted a relevant screenshot here: 
http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=114465#c57 )   

2. A more general "move mode".	By pushing "m", Kmail presents a list of
available folders. This list is dynamically refined as the user types, to show
matching folders. The arrow keys then move only between matching folders.   

I didn't see a screenshot in this BKO report for (2) and so have included one
here. The image attached shows the window presented by Kmail when you push "m"
for "move".  

I think some people in this BKO report are talking about (1) and some people
about (2).  I would like to see Digikam use something similar to (2) as a
keyboard method for assigning tags to images.

This would allow rapid tagging with several advantages:
- entirely keyboard based (mouse optional)
- a single shortcut to remember (eg "t" for "tag" or something)
- very quick access to tags, for tag lists of any size

In contrast, method (1) would require you to assign (and remember) a different
shortcut for each tag....  While this could be useful for some very commonly
used tags, I don't think this is a usable solution for the general problem of
tagging images.

If I've misunderstood and everyone was already talking about (2), then
apologies in advance...

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