[Digikam-devel] [Bug 134594] WISH: Independent database backend support for increased usability (MySQL/PostgreSQL etc)

Matt R kde at brennivin.mine.nu
Sat May 17 11:46:47 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From kde brennivin mine nu  2008-05-17 12:46 -------
This is really a shame. I wish this would get sorted out more quickly. I love using digikam, but tbh with every upgrade I install it gets slower! (Currently 0.9.3 on Debian.)
My photos folder is on a local, reasonably fast HDD, I have a reasonably fast CPU, but the CPU is 100% pegged for ~20 seconds "Reading Database" when starting digikam or when making ANY change to the database.
It was quicker with 0.8.x, with the same database!

I can improve matters by cutting down the number of items in the folders (currently ~50,000 files), but that's not a good thing to have to work around an otherwise excellent application.

As a general comment, I don't really like the central database concept. I'd be happy to see digikam able to distribute metadata about a particular album / photo somewhere in each folder, for example. The centralised database makes it harder than it needs to be to reorganise things..

I hope this database performance issue can be resolved SOON. It's killing me...

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