[Digikam-devel] [Bug 160966] some searches don't work properly with the new sqlite3-3.5.8

Mark Purcell msp at debian.org
Sat Jun 21 00:30:30 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From msp debian org  2008-06-21 01:30 -------
If I can join in.

In Debian/GNU Linux we have made it policy that packages shouldn't include convenience copies of other libraries, due to the issues with tracking security fixes in all packages that have copies of other libraries.

However, I can also sympathise with the need.

Could I suggest that digikam autotools checks for an installed lib >= 3.5.9 and if it doesn't find it then digikam uses its own internal copy, if it does find >= 3.5.9 then it uses the system library.

The distributions can fixup the .pc file in sqlite easily enough, if their upstream doesn't. 

This way end users compiling get an assured working version of digikam and the distributions get an version of digikam using shared libraries and things are the way they should be.

Ditto the convenience copy of cImg library:


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