[Digikam-devel] [Bug 153070] search for image by geo location

tackat at kde.org tackat at kde.org
Thu Jun 5 07:12:37 BST 2008

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When dealing with latitude longitude bounding boxes please make sure in the application on your end that you also properly deal with the International Date Line (IDL): You are emitting the bounding box ranges as "coordinates" (I see the need to create plain double types from the GeoDataLatLonAltBox however I wonder whether there's a better solution instead of emitting the "coordinates" in a list).

You might run into a problem in your application if you expect the "western" value to be always to the left of the "eastern" value: on the -180 - 180 longitude range the western value can actually be to the right of the eastern bounding box range. In that case you have to treat the single bounding box like TWO split bounding boxes which range from the western value to the 180 deg longitude and from the -180 deg longitude to the eastern value.

This is a problem that is inherent with the concept of latitude longitude bounding boxes and it's not Marble specific and it happens with all projections.

If you don't take this issue into account then you'll get everything outside the bounding box selected if the bounding box covers the IDL ( of course still within proper latitude ranges, but I fear that doesn't help ).

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