[Digikam-devel] visual indication of active filters?

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Wed Jan 30 20:40:54 GMT 2008

Dnia Wednesday 30 of January 2008, Arnd Baecker napisaƂ:
> Hi,
> as a follow-up to the new LED introduced by Gilles to
> indicate that one of the filters (rating,
> quick text filter, or file) is active.

What LED - Which svn revision?

> While this is nice, I have the impression that this
> is not yet visually "intrusive" enough, i.e. it still
> could be overlooked.
> A clearer indication might be to  change e.g.
> a) the color of the background of the filters in the status line

It is already done but...

...could be improved with highlighting of searched string in view
- album/tag/etc list, image plates (like in Konqueror, KPDF)

> b) the color of the background in the icon view

> c) for an active tags-filter (right side-bar), the background
>    of the TAB (both in folded and expanded view) should be
>    changed
> (e.g. to red in all cases).

Definitely not red. Red means something is Wrong(tm). I think green would
be OK. Especially that it is already used in such role in filter fields.

> All these are, according to Gilles, very easy
> to realize with KDE4... (but not with KDE3).
> What do you think about this? (Worth an entry in the BKO?)

IMO yes.


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