[Digikam-devel] gad nabbit 0.10.0 segfaults

Jasper Mackenzie ngoia at quicksilver.net.nz
Mon Jan 21 19:22:27 GMT 2008

> There is currently a problem between Qt4.3.3 and KDE4 libs about indeep
> stylesheet that crash digiKam as well into KLineEdit widget. I have seen
> this crash on my computer after to have updated Qt4.3.2 to Qt 4.3.3.

> Reverting to Qt4.3.2 fix this problem. KDE4Libs developpers work  
> currently
> to fix this problem in KDE4 implementation
  Has this problem been resolved yet? -- if not is there a bug number for  
this that I can watch.

Thank you.


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