[Digikam-devel] [Bug 128293] aspect ratio crop does not respect aspect ratio

Roberto Castagnola roberto.castagnola at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 21:35:04 GMT 2008

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Hm, sounds like a good idea, but I think that first we should try to fix this bug keeping the approximation behaviour and ensuring that if ratio=r_h:r_w and we specify height=i*r_h, we will always get width=i*r_w. After that we can work on it.

> Specifying 400 for the height, gives 299 for the width
What are dimensions of the image you are using for test? I'm using a 2592x1728 image and I cannot reproduce it.

> Changes to the text input boxes are not reflected in changes of the selected
> region. I think that's what the timers were used for.
It seems to me that input box widget sends valueChanged signal only when he lose the focus. As soon as I press Tab key, changes are reflected in the selection region.
I think the times were used to let users to select the value with the spin-box, waiting a little before to change it again. With my patch, when you select the width (height), only the height (width) is changed so times are no more needed.

> Why do the sliders for width/height change their position, if the selection
> region is moved with the mouse?
Because the max range is changed.

Best, Roberto

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