[Digikam-devel] [Bug 146760] Providing a Timeline-View for quickly narrowing donw the date of photos

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 08:40:21 GMT 2008

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Comments from Gerhard posted by mail, not in B.K.O:


Hi Gilles,
very nice work again :-)

1/ I agree with Mik's i18n comments (by the way it reminds me of our discussion
of using Album for virtual ones only, are you interested in that change?)

2/ My comment: The selection spot is not intuitively to find, without your
screenshot I didn't know how to use it. What about putting some check box
below the bars?



1/ ==> What do you mean exactly ? 

Currently we have "Album" for physical directory on HDD, and "Virtual Album" for virtual directory from digiKam database. This is not enough ?

2/ ==> the selection behaviour is the same than KPhotoAlbum, excepted than discontigous selection can be done in digiKam, not in KPhotoAlbum. Just use CTRL key with mouse button to perform multiple selections.

If this behaviour is not intuitive for you, well, KPhotoAlbum is not intuitive for you too (:=)))...

More seriously, I'm open to improve selection stuff of course. Using Checkbox below histogram is not possible in KDE3/QT3, because i have used a standard QWidget class to design TimeLineWidget. It's the most portable way to use the same code KDE3 and KDE4. Also the code is suitable as well with KDE3. If i use new Qt4 API for that, code will be not suitable in KDE3.

QT4 provide a way to mix widget where you want in a main canvas widget. Qt3 cannot do it easily.

Look like the PhotoShop Element do not provide a way to make selection outside the histogram area. 

F-Spot... cannot provide Date range selection ! (Very nice program (:=))))

I don't know how others photo-management programs work about timeline selection. New screenshots are welcome...


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