[Digikam-devel] [Bug 114465] Wish: simpler entry of tags

Christian Mayer bug at christianmayer.de
Sat Jan 5 12:41:59 GMT 2008

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------- Additional Comments From bug christianmayer de  2008-01-05 13:41 -------
> - display the list of recent tags not as a drop down menu as it is done
> now but as a displayed list of the 12 most recent tags and dynamically assign 
> the shortcuts F1 F2 F12 to assign this tag to the currently selected pictures. 

A dynamically changing list is bad as you always have to look up the current assignment.

But the basic idea is great!

So please implement a way for the user to easily assign (and reassign) the F-keys to any tags.
E.g: Show in the tag list behind each tag that has an assignment the current assignment. When a tag is selected and a F-Key is pressed this tag will be assigned to the pressed F-key. (Default action could show an pop up that asks if the user wants to reassign Fxy from tag foo to tag bar; using Shift-Fxy will directly assign the key to the tag without the popup)

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