[Digikam-devel] counting pictures in search results

Gandalf Lechner gandalf.lechner at esi.ac.at
Sat Jan 5 02:52:47 GMT 2008


I just tested the new feature counting images in albums and tags from the svn 
version of digikam. I find it very helpful and it works mostly fine, but I 
observed that it does not (yet?) count the results of stored searches 
("virtual albums"). Would be nice if we could have a count there, too.

Also the option to display all subalbums/subtags of a selected album/tag is 
very convenient. In the resulting list of images, the thumbnails are listed 
according to the albums they are stored in, and the different albums are 
separated by these blue bars. This is helpful sometimes, but sometimes (when 
your search or tag selection results only in very few images per album), it 
creates clumsy looking and unnecessarily long lists. I would therefore 
suggest to have an option to either display the album separators in such a 
case or not. This would also give the user the opportunity to create virtual 
albums which behave more closely to real albums.

Best regards,


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