[Digikam-devel] gad nabbit 0.10.0 segfaults

Jasper Mackenzie jasper at treshna.com
Thu Jan 3 09:57:34 GMT 2008

> Just to be sure: digikam 0.10 is not yet meant
> to be used in a production system, just for testing
  I have to use 0.10.0 as my 300G image collection from this year (phew!  
all shooting no sorting... nice) is on my file server.

> (and maybe even contributing ;-).
   I hope I can contribute Ideas and experience 8~)

> The stable branch is 0.9.3.

> But most likely I am telling you nothing new ... ;-)

> Best, Arnd
  Does discussion of 0.10.0 need to be in digikam-users or here....

I am finding that with so many folders and files things are getting  
unworkably slow.
  Is it possible (or forseable) that folders within an album, or who albums  
if that was required could be set to not be watched with inotify (or  
    I mostly dump my images in  folders by date, I only intend to edit  
metadata, and to work on images on the local drive. So only the directory  
of the year... 2008 now, needs to be watched for changes.
  I am hoping that all this will give me virtual albums based on tags...  
ooooh all that meta goodness. what a great dichotomy change from  
heirachical structures to ideas based sorting!

  This is a whish, do I post this as a bug somewhere?
     With all my files on a file server, I would love to have my albums  
indexed and thumbnailed, such that the thumbnails could be viewed even  
when the network drive is not attached, with the changes to metadata being  
synced to exif later on.

I've been holding of going to a real photo management system for far too  
long... here goes.


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