[Digikam-devel] gad nabbit 0.10.0 segfaults

Jasper Mackenzie jasper at treshna.com
Wed Jan 2 07:44:47 GMT 2008

Good day

digikam from svn trunk (KDE4) segfaults, after scanning albums, and before  
creating main window. backtrace produces:

#0  0xb62c1dd5 in QStyleSheetStyle::styleRules (this=0x860b7d0,  
w=0x8625338) at styles/qstylesheetstyle.cpp:1202
#1  0xb62c90c3 in QStyleSheetStyle::renderRule (this=0x860b7d0,  
w=0x8625338, element=0, state=-2147481598)
     at styles/qstylesheetstyle.cpp:1509
#2  0xb62caf8a in QStyleSheetStyle::renderRule (this=0x860b7d0,  
w=0x8625338, opt=0x0, pseudoElement=0)
     at styles/qstylesheetstyle.cpp:1751
#3  0xb62cf4ff in QStyleSheetStyle::pixelMetric (this=0x860b7d0,  
m=QStyle::PM_DefaultFrameWidth, opt=0x0, w=0x8625338)
     at styles/qstylesheetstyle.cpp:3686
#4  0xb7b9781e in KdeUiProxyStyle::pixelMetric (this=0x8625a70,  
metric=QStyle::PM_DefaultFrameWidth, option=0x0,
     widget=0x8625338) at  
#5  0xb62c0d57 in QStyleSheetStyle::nativeFrameWidth (this=0x8625b08,  
w=0x8625338) at styles/qstylesheetstyle.cpp:1455
#6  0xb62c8e99 in QRenderRule (this=0xbf765a24, declarations=@0xbf765a60,  
widget=0x8625338) at styles/qstylesheetstyle.cpp:491
#7  0xb62c910a in QStyleSheetStyle::renderRule (this=0x860b7d0,  
w=0x8625338, element=0, state=-2147481598)
     at styles/qstylesheetstyle.cpp:1510
for many lines.

KDE4 was built as per the instructions on  
http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Getting_Started/Build/KDE4, with  
qt-copy, in debian unstable.

kipi was built from ... ... /extragear/libs,
digikam was built from ... ... /extragear/graphics/
  both with the command
-DCMAKE_MODULE_PATH=/home/jasper/kde/share/apps/cmake/modules && make -j2  
&& make install

I am wanting to use 0.10.0 as all my images are on a file server. (can  
thumbnails be kept localy and browsed whilst files not mounted?? then  
changes synced?? - another thread I know...)

What can I do? what have I done wrong?

Thank you.


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