[Digikam-devel] [Bug 178839] digikam crashes on exiv2 error

Andreas Huggel ahuggel at gmx.net
Sat Dec 27 04:33:43 GMT 2008


--- Comment #2 from Andreas Huggel <ahuggel gmx net>  2008-12-27 05:33:43 ---
Hi Rob, Gilles,

Thanks, I have received the picture, haven't looked at it yet.

This doesn't look right though. Are you sure digikam also uses version 0.18 of
Exiv2? And are you sure the picture which you used with the command line
utility is the one that crashes digiKam? Because
- digiKam crashes somewhere inside of Exiv2::TiffImage::readMetadata
- The exiv2 command line utility doesn't crash - but it uses the same call to

Try this:

1) Ignore all errors and warnings from the exiv2 command line utility which
don't crash it. (They are trying to say that the structure of the image is
somehow incorrect/unexpected. But Exiv2 works around these problems and for
digiKam they are transparent.)
2) Run exiv2 -v * over all your files to see if any of them crashes the
3) Gilles, can you advise how to check which version of Exiv2 digiKam is using?


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