[Digikam-devel] [Bug 177329] quick search is case sensitive [regression]

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Tue Dec 23 20:43:42 GMT 2008


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--- Comment #5 from Mikolaj Machowski <mikmach wp pl>  2008-12-23 21:43:41 ---
This time proper testing:

Due to number of issues here I will reopen bug.

Everywhere: default completion should be "Dropdown list", it is default for
whole KDE and it should be default also for digiKam. Also "Automatic" has side
effect - current list is filtered against current guess. Example: enter m,
automatic completion is filled with Michelle and only those item is shown
although there are other elements which match this letter (Amy, Kamila, etc.)

Everywhere: "Dropdown list" is filled only according to expression "m*" while
items in list are filtered to "*m*". Cognitive distruption.

IMO unless two things are solved completion in quick filter fields should be
disabled. And frankly - I don't think it is worth of fixing. Quick filter is
only to narrow number of possible choices not to get precise one element.

Albums: when option is case insensitive after some letters I get no matches
although I know those elements are there, after inserting second letter
filtering is done right (letters k, g, s, i, e but not p, r). "No matches"
means tree is folded to root album - *real* no matches means everyghing

This issue occurs only in this panel.

Timeline: Stranely looking thing with Last Search. This item has double name
Last Search and Current Search and although only one name is visible it is
filtered by both names. The best solution would be exclude this from all
filtering acitivities (item should be always visible, maybe different font to
differentiate from other searches).

Searches: This time Last Search/Current Search is to filter known *only* as
Current Search even when Last Search is visible.

Geo: cannot test, no sufficient

Metadata (right panel): This one is weird. 

Case sensitive - insert "caption" shows "Caption", insert "Caption" shows
Case insensitive - works OK

Note: when filtering out whole sections (like Image Information), header of
this section should aslo vanish.

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