[Digikam-devel] [Bug 178252] Crash on startup - unknown reason

Mark Purcell msp at debian.org
Sat Dec 20 04:36:01 GMT 2008


--- Comment #1 from Mark Purcell <msp debian org>  2008-12-20 05:35:59 ---
I have worked this through I think I know what is occurring.

digikam blocks on marble, which blocks on gpsd which blocks awaiting my GPS
device to provide current coordinates.


I have a bluetooth GPS device which I have configured GPS to provide location
services to any applications who request them, via gpsd.

Marble on startup checks to see if location services are available via the gpsd
socket, and if so presents your current location on the marble maps.

digikam calls marble api on startup and does block if marble is blocking.


gpsd running, bluetooth gps device off:
1. digikam crashes on startup. (after a delay)
2. marble starts slowly on command line, but is not responsive

gpsd running, bluetooth gps device on:
1. digikam startup is good, and causes marble/ gpsd to make bluetooth
connection - my location is displayed on embedded marble globe in digikam -
excellent ;-)
2. marble startup is good - location showed on globe.

disable gpsd:
1. digikam startup is good & quick.
2. marble startup is good & quick. - no location services (as expected)

possible fixes:
1. ensure digikam doesn't block on marble issues
2. ensure marble doesn't block on gpsd issues.

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