[Digikam-devel] [Bug 175898] selecting in the import dialog is extremly slow

Simon Bühler simon at aktionspotential.de
Tue Dec 16 20:13:29 GMT 2008


--- Comment #12 from Simon Bühler <simon aktionspotential de>  2008-12-16 21:13:28 ---
i think that the slowdown comes from
"error reading file:///media/disk-1/dcim/106_pana//p1060828.jpg"

Mikolaj: you have this errormessage too ? if not, thisshould be the culprit, i
would also say that my kde install (trunk) and quite sane and dbus is working
fine so far.

--- start guesswork ---

i think there must be two different access methods for 
* downloading files to the harddrive and (works)
* getting data when thumbnails on usb are doubleclicked (as this fails with the
same error message - error reading file)
and when selecting the second approach is used

--- end guesswork ---

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