[Digikam-devel] [Bug 177686] Menu text is invisible

Greg Letiecq greg at letiecq.org
Sat Dec 13 16:14:36 GMT 2008


--- Comment #8 from Greg Letiecq <greg letiecq org>  2008-12-13 17:14:35 ---
Using default theme, switched back and forth between several during debug
attempt.  I think Oxygen is the current theme.  Switching these seems to have
had no effect.

Since newly created users don't seem to have this problem, it really looks like
a legacy KDE config file is the culprit.  This system was installed with KDE2.x
and upgraded via apt to where it is now.  The answer here may be as simple as
nuking a file in the user's .kde directory, but I'm not familiar with how KDE
stores config data and what might be safe to mess with.

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