[Digikam-devel] [Bug 175630] setting panels of imageeditor effects should be fully visible

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Mon Dec 8 19:30:18 GMT 2008


--- Comment #6 from Mikolaj Machowski <mikmach wp pl>  2008-12-08 20:30:14 ---
About design - quick review of plugins:
Method: resized 0.9.5svn IE window to 800x600 (including window decoration);
set right panel width to minimum size where Caption/Tags panel fit (the widest
default panel - small surprise, always thought Colors is due to histogram).

Looks like *all* plugins are resizing dialog to 830-840px PLUS they don't allow
to resize window below this width - so for practical reasons test is for 840px
width - which is already 40px too much.

Notes below are not bugs per se but things where some pixels of width can be
gained, "OK" means only plugin fits withou horizontal scrollbar:

Auto-Correction: OK
Color correction: value fields are too wide
B&W: just few pixels, value field too wide? in this width mess with buttons
Color management: OK
Levels: value fields too wide? broken vertical scrolling - one histogram stays
in place while the rest is moving
Color Effects: OK
White Balance: sliders could be more compressed - due to precise nature of
corrections they are already almost unusable - get rid of them?
Curves: OK
Channel mixer: OK
Sharpen: OK
Blur: OK
Red eye: OK
Inpainting: sliders, value fields too wide
Noise reducton: sliders, value fields too wide
Hot pixels: OK
Lens distortion: sliders, value fields too wide
Restoration: sliders, value fields too wide
Vignetting: OK - due to <br> between label and slider - solution everywhere?
Aspect ratio crop: too much everything
Shear: sliders, fields, even <br> doesn't help
Free rotation: as in Shear
Perspective: OK
Texture: OK
Border: OK
Text: narrower font Size column and text alignment buttons
Template superimpose: not OK, no idea how help
Raindrops, Infra red, Oil paint, Emboss, Film grain, Blur effects, Charcoal: OK
Distorition: sliders, value fields too wide

General notes: a) in many UIs width was broken due to adding of reset button
without adjusting the rest of the dialog


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