[Digikam-devel] [Bug 146761] Improve keyword-assignment through enhanced drag and drop

Andi Clemens andi.clemens at gmx.net
Sat Dec 6 18:40:31 GMT 2008


--- Comment #3 from Andi Clemens <andi clemens gmx net>  2008-12-06 19:40:31 ---
Sure, I think multiple selection of albums, tags etc is highly needed.
It is so annoying if you get images from somebody and then need to delete like
50 tags at once because you wouldn't like them to be in the database.
Also it would be nice to have multiple selection on albums (for deletion or
moving around).
I know I had made a patch for KDE3, but maybe we should wait for the Qt4
implementation after 0.10 and skip KDE3 completely?

Would make things easier I guess.


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