[Digikam-devel] [Bug 175102] crashes opening the image editor for raw images (mrw). Embedded editor does not work

bogdan at hlevca.com bogdan at hlevca.com
Tue Dec 2 16:02:51 GMT 2008


--- Comment #5 from bogdan hlevca com  2008-12-02 17:02:51 ---
I have only one version of of kdegraphics, the one from SVN. 
I compiled it and did a make install. 
I verified that it is the new one installed an no other is laying around.
I compiled the graphics directory ( including digikam ), but it complains about
the libkexiv2. I had to get around it by forcing cmake to set it to true.

It may have something to do that my other libs are from 4.1.3 branch and
digikam/kdegraphics code is from the trunk?

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