[Digikam-devel] [Bug 151232] Whish: support workflow with multiple folders and linked files/pictures

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Wed Oct 24 07:08:52 BST 2007

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Hi Bruno,

for panorama shots I use "ForPano" and "Panorama" as tags
for the images out of which a panorama is composed and "Panorama"
for the final panorama.
By using a file name for the resulting panorama, which
is composed of the file name of the first and last image
and by using as exif  time the time of the last image + 1 second,
the images get properly ordered on display and their relation
is made clear.

For digikam >0.10 it is planned to allow for grouping of images, 

> It is nowdays, time to give feeling about new DB design. 

The new database design (which is being implemented for digikam 0.10, 
which uses the upcoming KDE 4) has been discussed 
at several occasions, both on the digikam-users and digikam-devel
mailing lists, see eg.
and more via google.
A list of ideas has also been collected in the wiki, 
The reference for the new schema is

Still, I would suggest to keep further comments on 
this bug report to the issue of the proposed workflow using links.
Other ideas about the database should be either given at the
corresponding wishes in the tracker, or in a new entry, if appropriate.

HTH, Arnd

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