[Digikam-devel] [Bug 151233] Show statistics for all images in (sub-)folders

Christian Mayer bug at christianmayer.de
Tue Oct 23 15:00:33 BST 2007

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> According to my experience with a home-brew solution,
> the bin-width to be chosen very much depends on the number of entries.

Yes, that's not that easy. If there's no easy way to determine the width (I'd *try* e.g. (max-min)/10 or 20...) it could be made setable.

A custom query could help here. How many pictures have a focal length > 100mm?

> Moreover, it can become very spiked. 

Why not? I'm interested in the values and not in an "pretty" histogram...

> And a separation according to lenses would be helpful as well. 

As an option/filter: yes.
But *I* am mainly interested in all pictures at once (as I want to decide which type of lens I should buy next)

> Also: where should one put such a statistical information? 

I was thinking of a right click context menu (e.g. named "Statistics") - but an side bar also would be fine.

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