[Digikam-devel] Kamion migration and backup tool

Ljubomir Simin ljubomir.simin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 23:42:32 BST 2007

Hi Digikam developers,

I'm Ljubomir Simin, from the Kamion project [1]. Kamion ("Truck" in 
Serbian language) is the (user friendly) migration tool, it allows to move 
and backup application data and settings. 

Our tool is in functioning shape, and we are looking for application 
developers willing to try us out.

The idea is simple: the application developers provide simple "recipes" - XML 
files which defines resources to be archived. Different kind of resources can 
be defined in one recipe, like application settings and data. Nothing more 
besides recipe is required from application developers. 
Users uses Kamion GUI tool to easily backup and restore their settings.

Kamion is written in Qt4 with KDE4 in mind, but 
there are some efforts aiming for desktop independence in the future. It 
could be THE desktop migration tool for the KDE and other apps/desktops.

If you think the idea of users backing up and restoring pictures and settings 
from Digikam with an independent tool, please tell us your needs, comments 
and ideas. Some of our future plans includes:

* unification for different applications to export same 
data - for example to provide some standard for email programs - how to 
format it's resources so that you could pack the data from KMail and import 
into thunderbird on another installation.

* Scripting - optional pre-packing and post-extracting shell scripts - so that 
they could filter unnecessary data or something.

* Changeable file locations for resources - the developers would be able to 
tell Kamion to search for the file location inside another file (for example 
inside a config file)

* Dynamic resources - so that different accounts in mail programs appear under 
different resources, and not in one common - mail messages.

As our website is a bit sparse in details, I'm attaching a sample recipe 
for Kopete, and a XSD of the recipe format.

Hope to hear you soon,

Ljubomir Simin 

[1] http://kamion2.sourceforge.net/

PS. I'm not subscribed to this mailing list, so please CC any replies to me. 
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