[Digikam-devel] New database schema

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 15:04:55 BST 2007

2007/10/17, Marcel Wiesweg <marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de>:
> Hi,
> during the last weeks I have been working on implementing the new database
> schema that has been discussed for a long time.
> The code will be merged into SVN tonight. It is a basic working version,
> with
> a lot still to do (see below).
> If you are a brave SVN user, this means for you:
> - your old database will not be touched, it will be copied to digikam4.dband
> updated to the new schema. The new database cannot be used with digikam
> 0.9.
> - we do not guarantee yet that the final schema for 0.10 is be reached.
> Bugs
> may still emerge. This means you may be required to delete your
> digikam4.db
> file when problems arise. This state is (deliberately) set to last at most
> one month from now (Nov 17th)
> => dont use digikam 0.10 yet for production work
> Enough of that, what is new?
> The new database schema offers room for much more information from the
> images.
> For example, almost everything that you can read in the Image Properties
> sidebar is now stored in the db. This means as well that it will be
> searchable. It offers a wealth of new possibilities and I hope it will
> close
> some long-standing bugs.
> Secondly, we will have support for multiple album roots. There is no
> reason
> why digikam should be restricted to one directory only. With hardware
> support
> from Solid, we will also support CDs and other removable media. Network
> share
> support is planned as well
> Along with multiple paths, and albums on removable media, comes that
> requirement that images are not removed from the DB only because their
> storage is currently not accessible.
> Connected with that as well is the idea to track images by their contents.
> This idea I have to admit is impudently copied from Amarok. And it is not
> implemented yet; but we have the necessary hash value in the database to
> compare files.
> We want as well to add support for similarity searching using a Haar
> algorithm. (This is a completely different hash, build from the decoded
> image
> data)
> Now the backdraw:
> You dont see anything from all this if you try out SVN right now. You will
> even notice that support for comments is broken. With the db change, we
> have
> the fundament and the structural work, but we need to build on top of
> that.
> Immediate TODOs include:
> - fix the listing by date
> - add progress display to the collection scan during database upgrade
> - change notification need to be restored
> - a class for you to access the DownloadHistory table
> - make use of the information in sidebar, tooltip etc.
> - comments are currently disabled, at least a basic version need to be
> restored (multiple language and comment type support needs to have UI,
> too)


To be sure than nothing will be forget, I recommend you to record all
pending tasks in TODO file from svn...

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