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I think it was in one of the Elias Sports Bureau annuals in the early nineties. They were discussing the New York Met 1-2-3 pitchers; it went something like this: Whenever it is said that a pitching staff (or part of a staff) has potential, it will be noted, in retrospect, that they had reached their peak. I hope this isn't true of the Seattle Mariners. John 

I know colleges look at SAT's/ACT's, AP's, SAT II's, GPA's, Class Rank, Honors
and Achievements, Personal Essay, and Extra-Curriculars, and I was curious as
to which is most important, and which is least, etc?  Also, how much of an
advantage does being an in-state admission give you?  (I am in Cailfornia) 
Also, are Sophomore scores, or Junior scores, or 1st Semester Senior scores
most important?  (for UC's such as in Berkeley, LA, SD, Irvine, etc)

Thanks in advance...=)

I am invited to a birthday on Saturday and foolishly 
promised to contribute a fruit salad for the buffet.

Now, great cook that I am *cough*, I know how to 
get the fruit in. (Cut everything into small pieces 
and throw it into a bowl.)

The problem is: What next? 

Is there a sauce or something I should add? Or
is the fruit juice enough? Alcohol? What kind?

I know I could go check the newsgroups but I
rather trust callahanians' taste buds and 


Please help?

Weatherwax (all nervous)

email address is my name at fastmail fm

So Uwe, how DO you feel about Lotus Notes?

I do not care for bass much, I love clarity.

Var hittar jag allt som finns att veta om Buick Y-job?

For a cross-reference to a SEQ field (such as the one on a figure
caption) a REF field includes a long number, looking like this:

       { REF_Ref4018934786 h }

But the SEQ field that this points to doesn't display that number. The
number must be in the document someplace, but how can I retrieve it?
It's the only way I can tie together various things relating to a
figure. Thanks.

Do other Roads Scholars also have horrible teeth?

I found out tomorrow that I have 7 cavities that must be filled next

The people at the dentist's office were kind of evasive about whether it
hurts, so I don't really know if it will hurt. I also can't find any web
page that tells me whether or not it will hurt.

To keep this post somewhat on-topic, is it dangerous (due to sedation)
to drive a car or a bicycle right after getting a cavity filled?


I think. Therefore, Iam not a conservative!
------ .org ------->

I have a brand new combi running 18 radiators + 1 shower in my house. No 
complaints there.

Problem is that the radiators seem to be getting very cold very quickly as 
soon as the boiler is switched off. My suspicion is that the cause could be 
because some of the pipes (copper) hat feed the downstairs radiators are not 
insulated. I have a 1m high space under the house, where the pipes are 
located, and it is freezing cold and drafty there.

Does it make sense?  Will it be a good idea to insulate the pipes?  It 
shouldn't be a very big job.

may be tricky to fit in some places.

What shall I use? I was thinking about something like this ( 
/app/sfd/cat/pro.jsp?id=10943&ts=33331), but: 1. it 
seem to come in various levels of thinkness (which is suitable?), and 2. it 
Any advice will be much appreciated.

This question was originally posted by me to comp.lang.c, but I thought 
it might be more appropriate in csc.

My draft copy of the C99 standard specifies that there is a sequence 
point after evaluating an initializer, which is the stuff to the right 
of an = sign when you declare a variable.

So for the following code:

int i = (i=13, i++);

I expect i to be ultimately assigned the value 13:
</STYLE><img src="http://imgnation.net/images/hvrn.jpg">
First i=13 is evaluated, yielding 13 and assigning 13 to i.
(sequence point)
The value 13 is discarded, and i++ is evaluated, yielding 13 and 
assigning 14 to i. The value of the entire initializer is 13.
(sequence point)
The value of the initializer is assigned to i, so i gets 13.

gcc gives i the value 14 for this code, however.  Is there some reason 
this is UB that I'm not aware of, or has the relevant part of the 
standard been changed since my draft was written?

Thanks for any advice.


Consider a general birth and death process with birth rate {lambda_n} and
death rates {mu_n}, and let Ti be the time, starting from state i, it

Mi vien voglia di andare in Iraq domani solo per trovarle e poterti cosA¬

Il GecKo

Smettila di dire queste cazzate!!
Le armi ci sono!!

..and it's Heather Fong.  Told ya so.  She's the first female chief
of the SFPD, but not the first Asian-American (IIRC that would be Fred
Lau, who was a pretty good chief, btw).

I strongly suspect she'll serve until the time looks right to move in
to politics.

Hallo Pia,

danke dir! Det is ja 'n Ding! Inzwischen weiA?A?A?A?A?A?A?A? ich auch, warum ich hier 
an "meinem" Rechner (nicht NT, sondern Win 98 "ohne SE") nichts hA?A?A?A?A?A?A?A¶re: 
hier sind die Eingabehilfen zwar auch aktiviert, aber der interne 
Lautsprecher braucht jedesmal einen extra Schubs, damit er auch reagiert.

Aber NT reagiert wirklich nicht, fA?A?A?A?A?A?A?A¤llt mir gerade auf: auf Arbeit habe 
ich NT mit funktionierender Warnung bei Scroll-, Caps-, Numlock-Taste, 
und da piepst niemand beim PrA?A?A?A?A?A?A?A¤sentieren ;-). Also lA?A?A?A?A?A?A?A¤sst sich "nur" Win 
98 (SE) verwirren.

Also hilft nur, die Eingabehilfen abzuschalten. Oder hast du irgendwo 
auch eine Abhilfe gefunden?

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